Company courses

The most effective method of language teaching for companies

Course structure

We offer language teaching tailored for small companies (with one office), medium-sized companies (with several branches within a region or district) and large firms (one or more plants all over the country).

The advantage of our courses is the direct relationship with all our tutors. We do not work with subcontractors in any particular city or region, and thus we do not artificially raise the price of courses.

We have achieved these relationships thanks to a relatively fast expansion of our company, thanks to our tutors who are carefully chosen, and thanks to our main domain which is teaching languages with a tutor online , through which we established many valuable connections in different corners of the Czech Republic, even in the rest of Europe, Canada, etc.

You can find feedback on our courses in the References section.

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Would you like to study together with a colleague or friend who is hundreds of kilometres away? Nowadays, this is no problem. For a company operating internationally, we offer group courses online.

Lesson example: managers of two different plants, 250 km apart, are having a lesson of English with focus on banking by our Irish tutor at the same time, while one is in his office and the other at home.

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